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Thank you for your attention to this order. I received my Wish Pearl necklaces last week, and I am very pleased with the way they look. Thank you, and I look forward to ordering more of these in the future.  Erika 

Alan,     I sincerely thank you for your cooperation.  It Is few and far between that I find someone as accommodating as you. It is clearly evident that your natural empathy with customers is surely the standard that your company based its standards.      I am in your deepest gratification.                         Respectfully yours,                         SSG Chritopher, U.S. Army                      P.S.  Please pass this on to your manager!
Thank you for such prompt shipping!  We love giving these pearl necklaces to each female graduate in our large family and they all look forward to receiving one and to see what wish is made for them. D.M.
Alan, I got my ring on my birthday. it was a nice surprise because I didn't think it would be here until much later because of the ring size dilemma. But you and my mom are sneaky. Anyway I really enjoy it and I had fun opening it. I am debating whether the color is gold or cream but anyway I like it and I thank you for your help. I might want another one^_^. Thanx again - Heather
I received a Wish Pearl package from a friend for Christmas.  This person is not someone who usually would send a gift,  but he must have found this to be something special. Well,  it surely was!! One of the most unique and special gifts I have ever received!!             Thank you! - Cathy
I received my necklace this morning. It is perfect, I'd been looking for one for ages. Thank you so much for the fast delivery, just in time for my mother's birthday! I'll use your site again and have sent your address to several friends.                                                                  Lisa
Alan......I ordered one of the SS CZ Hearts and one of the SS Dolphins.  Thanks so much for keeping in touch and keeping me informed about my order.  Not everyone goes to such lengths anymore, and it is reassuring to know that you watch closely, and monitor, and gives me great faith in your company.  Once the wedding is over, I hope to get a wish pearl for my very own............maybe I can hint to my hubby, huh?   LOL  Thanks!  Kendra
For the Attention of Alan - AL Management Inc. Alan, Just a quick note to let you know that my Wish Pearl has arrived. It's beautifully packaged and exactly what I had hoped for. Once again, many thanks for your help with my Credit Card difficulties with this purchase. Take care. Regards, Anne -----------------------
thanks for your prompt attention to this matter. bought this for my daughter's 13th b-day 2 years ago-she wore it every day, her most prized possession.....lost it at cheerleading practice and is "heartbroken". :-) went back to store to buy it and it was gone....thought to look on the web and there you were! gotta love the internet!! :-) thanks again ! happy valentine's day! Suzanne
---------------------- "I was looking for something different and yet affordable for my bridesmaids gifts (I had ten girls). The Wish Pearl was so fun - everyone loved it! Thanks so much!!" Pamela P. Miami, FL -------------------
Thank you for your attention to this order. I received my Wish Pearl necklaces last week, and I am very pleased with the way they look. Thank you, and I look forward to ordering more of these in the future.  Erika
"I had already exhausted all the standard secretary gift ideas when I came across the Wish Pearl. I gave them to my whole secretarial staff for Christmas. It was just great. We had fun opening them together to see what pearl each secretary received. This is truly a unique gift idea. I ordered a necklace and earrings for myself. These gifts were really a hit." Thanks, Joanne S. Arlington Heights, Illinois -------------------
-------------------- "My mother-in-law has everything. I dreaded Mother's Day because everything had been done before. Then I discovered Wish Pearl on your web site. I became a star with such an unusual gift. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you" Tolesha New York, NY -------------------- "Thank God! I almost missed my anniversary. I accidentally hit on your Web Page and my search was over. I ordered a Necklace, Ring and Earrings and received everything in time to save the day." Thanks from a grateful husband, Jeff -------------------- "I was having a really bad week when I came across your web site and decided to buy myself a present. I happened to get the lavender pearl and we all know what that means. Lucky me!!" Suzie --------------------
"This message is to Alan ...or his supervisor. A little history:  I bought a wish pearl for my oldest daughter when she graduated from high school.  It was a major hit and my second daughter liked it so much that she hoped she would get one for her graduation as well.  Her graduation was last Sunday.  I looked all over town trying to find one, called the store where I had bought the other one four years ago, to no avail. It wasn't until last Friday that it dawned on me I should check online. Lo and behold I found your site and emailed asking if there was any way that it could be shipped to me for Saturday delivery; I was willing to pay the extra money for same. Alan emailed me back, apologizing that he couldn't accommodate me, but suggested that I order it and give her a picture of it for graduation. Said that's what his family often did when things they had ordered didn't come in time for when they needed them. I went ahead and ordered the Wish Pearl and Alan emailed me back to confirm the order and assure me that it would be shipped on Monday.  I followed his idea of giving her a picture.  Bit hit!  She started dancing up and down, all excited that she was going to get one as well. I got a great big hug when she quit dancing. The Wish Pearl came today and she was so excited I thought I might have to take it away from her until her Dad got home from work so he could watch her open it. It was a lot of fun for her, it's beautiful, dainty and will always be very special to her (my oldest daughter still wears hers daily after 4 years!). SO, long story, but I am very pleased with the service that I received from your company.  I especially appreciate Alan taking the time to personally answer my email and make suggestions. I have one more daughter to graduate from high school, and I certainly hope that your company stays around for 3 more years, 'cuz I'll be needing another one in that time! Thank you, Alan and A. L. Management for helping me to find that very special item for my daughter." Sincerely, Kathi Roseburg, OR  --------------------
Thanks Alan.....these really are great gifts. I will  tell all my friends about them. thanks again
Received the two pearls I ordered in time for Christmas.  The girls thought they were great!! My daughter said I could get her one again next Christmas.  One was pink and the other was cream.
I have ordered another one for my niece.
I just want you to know after all the difficulty I and they put you through-you deserve to know: Sarah just LOVES her Watch and Bracelet. She is so happy that now she has more than a complete set and never has she seen an ensemble with so many pieces and she was so lucky because all of the pearls are the same color except for the bracelet but she said it is a slightly lighter color, cream and they blend nicely. Not that she would have liked the set any less she's a natural style person. Thank you for everything, I did not get to see them but she will send us photos. We did get to hear it in her voice, just had to let you know you made someone so very happy again & again. Diana
Dear Sir, I thank you very much regarding a recent order. I as a last resort logged onto an email address searching for Wish Pearls. I found them at your site and placed an order resigned to not seeing them until well after Mother's day when I needed them. Not only did you have exactly what I wanted, I recieved the order the day before mother's day and I had only placed the order on Thursday. You have greatly helped me continue a tradition I started 5 years ago, and I wanted just to say thank you for making this possible. - Jolean
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